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OMG! I didn’t think of that! Basics for renting out your vacation home.

Maine Vacation REntal

  Back when I worked as an exclusive buyer’s real estate agent, most of my clients were looking to purchase vacation homes.  Almost every home that we looked at, the selling agent included in his or her sales pitch, “And it would make a great vacation rental”. So just WHY do people consider renting out […]

Have You Seen This Perfect Seaside Cottage in Maine? (And You Can Own It!)

My inbox received a notification of a new house on the market for sale in coastal Washington County.  Yes, because I am a real estate geek, I receive notifications of all properties when they hit the market.  I’m not currently looking to buy another house, but, hey, you never know.  I really hadn’t been in […]

Five Ways to Enjoy the Last Gasp of Summer in Maine

When we were kids, summer seemed to be endless.  Days filled with sunshine and swimming, nights filled with fireflies.  But now that we’re adults, Joni Mitchell was right — we’re dragging our feet just to slow the circles down – because summer seems to be more precious moments rather than the seemingly never-ending season of […]