5 Reasons Autumn is Better in Maine than in Vermont

Sure, both states have marvelous color and offer prime leaf peeping.  Both have cozy country inns and a myriad of harvest festivals.  But Maine offers something more than it’s more western New England state.

1-You can see the leaves via boat.  Book a foliage cruise on the Schooner Mary Day and see the fall colors from the sea.


2-Less Traffic

Have you tried driving in Vermont in October?  Bumper to bumper traffic from the turnpike in Massachusetts straight north to Vermont. 


Okay, Okay, so I took this pic in Massachusetts heading up to Maine (the trees were just beginning to change in Massachusetts). However, it was a weekend, and there was no traffic heading to Maine!

3-Mountains in the morning, sea glass hunting in the afternoon.  Check out the colors from Mount Battie in Camden or Cadillac Mountain in Acadia and smell the salt air.


4-Even more colors… Sure both Maine and Vermont have the oranges, the yellows, the reds.  But we also have the deep greens of the evergreens added to the mix.  They don’t have as many as those greens in Vermont.  We also have the beautiful vibrant blueberry barrens that add a glorious shade of scarlet to the mix.


5-Lobster.  And that’s all you need to say.


Maria Lamb

About Maria Lamb

Maria is the owner of Wicked Awesome Maine Vacation Rentals based in beautiful Washington County, Maine.