Five Ways to Enjoy the Last Gasp of Summer in Maine

When we were kids, summer seemed to be endless.  Days filled with sunshine and swimming, nights filled with fireflies.  But now that we’re adults, Joni Mitchell was right — we’re dragging our feet just to slow the circles down – because summer seems to be more precious moments rather than the seemingly never-ending season of freedom we remember from our youth.  Take some time during these last hot days and enjoy…


1) Enjoy an outdoor movie.  Several Washington County towns host outdoor kids’ movies.  Machias hosts outdoor movies every Saturday night during summer, at the box car by Station 1898. Bring a blanket or beach chairs (yes, and probably some bug spray – but, hey, it’s totally worth it).  This month, in Machias – on Aug. 22 – Mr. Magorium’s Wonderful Emporium and finishing out the summer series – Frozen on August 29th.


2) Have a staycation.  When was the last time you took a picnic to Great Wass Preserve on Beals Island?  Played a tourist in Campbello?  Had a lobster roll at a seafood shack?   Maybe you’ve lived here all of your life and never hiked the Bold Coast Trail.  With so many things to do in the area, the choices are endless.  And bonus, since schools have started in many parts of the country, the last few weeks of August are usually the least crowded.


3) Watch the stars.   Face it, summer warmth is fleeting in our neck of the woods.  All too soon, we’ll be wrapping ourselves in down comforters.  So, while we still can, go outside after dark and take a look up at that great, vast sky.  Don’t you remember being a kid and trying to find the big dipper?  Those are the same stars that you saw back then. Did you catch the meteor shower last week?  Amazing light show.  Fire pit and S’mores optional.


4) Go to a farmer’s market.  Okay, you should be going every week anyway – eat local.  But August is always when the flavors are more pungent – everything is sweeter and richer this time of year.  My seventeen year old, a notoriously picky eater has been living on farm-ripe tomatoes, farmer’s market mozzarella cheese and homemade pesto for the past three weeks.


5) Music and culture.  Where can’t you find musical offerings during the summer months?  Machias Bay Summer Concerts, Summer Keys in Lubec are just a few.  And remember to attend Machias’ First Friday Art Walks (mark down September 4th on your calendar).  These are local events to promote local art, food and musical talents.  Get out.  Enjoy yourself before that first big winter snowstorm (and you know it’s bound to come sooner than we want).

Maria Lamb

About Maria Lamb

Maria is the owner of Wicked Awesome Maine Vacation Rentals based in beautiful Washington County, Maine.